Abuelita G. & Family

Rancho Feliz offers volunteer opportunities that help change the lives of Agua Prieta families—and the lives of volunteers, too.

Last year, a new home was built for a local grandmother (we’ll call her “Abuelita G.” for privacy) and her family. At the start of 2020, Abuelita G.’s husband passed away suddenly leaving her unable to afford to live in her already deteriorating home. She was struggling to care for herself and her grandchildren. Abuelita G. was the ideal candidate for the Highly-Johansen House program, named for Highly Falkner, the late philanthropist and longtime, generous supporter of Rancho Feliz. In just one weekend, a team of hardworking volunteers built her a brand-new wood-framed, insulated home.

Nearly one year later, we checked in with Abuelita G.

Despite pandemic challenges and the intense summer heat, the family is doing well. The house is well maintained, Abuelita G.’s grandkids are thriving in school—and for the first time in many many years, she feels settled and secure. She has expressed immense gratitude to Rancho Feliz and Highly-Johansen House volunteers for building her a home and giving her family a sense of dignity and pride.

Twice a year, volunteers with construction experience come from all over the country to make a lasting impact in Agua Prieta through the remarkable Highly-Johansen House program. As many as three homes can be built in a single weekend. Financial support is always needed to keep this program growing!

On behalf of Rancho Feliz, and the many families the Highly-Johansen House program has benefitted,

¡Muchas gracias!

To support this program, visit ranchofeliz.com/highly-houses

August 17th, 2021

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