C.A.M.E. director Adalberto Ramos and Rancho Feliz founder Gil Gillenwater join in partnership to address the complex needs for migrants after their deportation.
Photos by Raechel Running, Izzy Hino Gillenwater. 

Guardian Warrior USA | Mexico


Though Rancho Feliz does not advocate “Open Borders” it recognizes that America’s immigration policy is a catastrophe.

The suffering on our southern border is vast and the poor are paying the price – for many the ultimate price.

To counter this inequity, Rancho Feliz has established a two-fold Migrant Programs.

Every year hundreds of thousands of people (many years well over 1 million) are apprehended on our southern border and taken into custody. For those migrants who are deported we support the local shelter C.A.M.E. (Centro de Atención al Migrante Exodus). With nowhere else to turn, C.A.M.E. is many migrants’ only hope for medical care, food, clothing and a safe return to their families.

Their stories are horrific. C.A.M.E.’s work is vital.

C.A.M.E (Missing Migrants)

This international effort is an unprecedented cross-border alliance between American and Mexican volunteers. These search groups join forces on the southern border to find the bodies of deceased migrants and report them to local authorities. This program includes DNA testing remains and returning them to their origins – ending the nightmare of families and friends not knowing.  

Labeled as America’s “Killing Fields” it is estimated that 3,000 to 4,000 immigrants die on the border each year in search of a better life.

Their stories are horrific. Los Halcones’ work is vital.

Los Halcones (The Hawks)