Discover the power of purpose with an immersion in Mexico. There’s no better way to discover compassion, love and our intrinsic interconnection.

Volunteer Program

Helping the Mexican people on the border is only half our work. The other half is providing purpose to the thousands of American volunteers who have crossed the border over the years to work with us in Agua Prieta, Mexico.

These volunteers are
forever changed.

They return home more grateful, appreciative and happier global citizens. This experience helps reweave the moral fabric of our own communities here in America. We call it “Reciprocal Giving.” Everybody wins!

Exchange Program Service Projects

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La Hacienda Feliz Volunteer Dormitory

Rancho Feliz has the perfect volunteer venue called La Hacienda Feliz, which was built to last the next hundred years. This brand-new facility provides comfortable, clean and safe accommodations with a unique and traditional Mexican ambiance. 

La Hacienda Feliz accommodates up to 50 people. 

  • Dorm rooms with bunkbeds sleep up to 40 volunteers at $50 per person per night and includes breakfast.
  • Four private rooms sleep up to 4 volunteers each for $175 per night and includes breakfast.
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The Volunteer Experience Team

Gil Gillenwater

“El Jefe” & Founder of Rancho Feliz

For 35 years, Gil has helped build a lasting infrastructure empowering families to lift themselves from poverty. He has also helped change the lives of thousands of volunteers.


Rancho Feliz
Program Director

Monica manages the various Rancho Feliz scholarship programs and helps with logistics and coordination of the volunteer groups via our Phoenix office.


Volunteer Coordinator & La Hacienda Feliz Manager

Alejandro has been the volunteer experience leader in Agua Prieta for 21 years. He lives on-site and oversees day-to-day dorm operations.

Reyes & Mary

Husband & Wife Duo

Reyes helps with the volunteer groups and Mary makes the incredible and authentic Mexican dinners. They live on-site at La Hacienda Feliz.


Cowboy & Stone Mason

Rigo lends a helping hand with volunteers. You’ll see his incredible stone work around the property.


Construction Coordinator

Osvaldo prepares and manages the worksite projects for each volunteer group.

Magda & Dina

La Hacienda Feliz Assistants

These two ladies make sure the dorm is ready for each volunteer group.


Breakfast Chef

There’s no better way to start a busy day than with Lupita’s authentic Mexican breakfast!

The Dorm Dogs

These three friendly perritos will be here to greet you upon arrival!

Leave your legacy at La Hacienda Feliz.