The Border is Not a Line.
It is a Place.

A Third Nation

Neither truly México nor the United States, the uniqueness of this 1,954-mile-long strip of land, snuggled tightly between the two countries, warranted an icon to convey the mixture of hope, desperation, goodness, mystery, evil, and vitality inherent along La Frontera.

In answer to this call, Rancho Feliz Founder – Gil Gillenwater – and original “Guardian Warrior” Sculptor – John Soderberg – co-created and an original bronze image, La Virgen de La Frontera, to symbolize this “area of exception”. In addition, Gil and John co-authored a companion book, The Border Virgin: Queen of the Third Nation, that details:

  • Rancho Feliz’s 40 years of volunteer work on the U.S./México border.
  • The complicated relationship between the U.S. and México.
  • The philosophy behind Rancho Feliz’s unconventional approach to charity.
  • The entrancing symbolism encapsulated in the border-zone icon: La Virgen de La Frontera bronze.

Book $30 + $5 shipping

La Virgen de la Frontera is a unique 21-inch tall, museum-quality, cast-bronze sculpture limited to an edition of six. Only three remain for purchase.

Bronze Prize $15,000 (plus shipping)
Photos above show front and back of the bronze.

Both the book and the bronze are for sale with a portion of the proceeds donated to Rancho Feliz’s ongoing good works.

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For more information about the book and bronze, please email [email protected]