What a memorable day

We rode 130 miles with 8,200 ft. of climbing over the Cascade Mts. That alone was beyond me but to add in a thunderstorm and sleet at the 91 mile mark and you’ll understand the photo above. I bonked due to fatigue and cold temps but managed to limp into the town of Winthrop, which thankfully is quite charming.

Along the way I needed an attitude adjustment. Tired and shaking due to the cold and rain, can move one easily to complaining or quitting and yes I wanted to do both. Perspective can stop you in your tracks. Is this hard compared to the tremendous suffering people around the world endure and all kinds of sad situations??? Get a grip and be glad this is the situation in comparison, deal with it the best you can as it is not a life altering problem.

The really nice part was the sun shining on the way to the mts. with orchards ( even the organic blueberries are humongous!), farms and all sorts of creeks and waterways. This area is called the American Alps which speaks to the beauty, snow covered peaks and glacial lakes and too many to count long “cascading” waterfalls. The views were spectacular with lupinesand larkspur lining the road with multiple look out points to see snow capped mts and aqua lakes below. This is considered one of the most scenic drives in America so perhaps an RV or anything with a motor would be advised.

July 20th, 2016

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