[Photo: Troy, Kevin, Gil & Eric on our first rest day in largest sand dunes in the world ]

I do remember mentioning that occasionally one should put oneself in a position to ask “What in the ever loving world have I gotten myself into!”

At this very moment I cannot recall the exact thought process behind that sentiment.

I have just come in from the 7th day of riding ALL DAY. The 1st 6 days on rough sandy roads. Today we rode on a little pavement – that was very nice. All days have been in 112 degrees heat.

You might wonder what that does to a person. Here is a small idea:

It is 6pm. I am about to go to sleep for the night. After the days ride, covered in dirt and a little fatigued, I drank 1/2 gallon of water, a beer, 3 cokes, and some energy drinks.

OK!! I am out of my comfort zone. Let the comfort zone expanding begin.

Goodnight, Gil



May 4th, 2016

Posted In: Extreme Karma Event