Manuel Morales Acedo


  • Birthday month: July
  • Grade: 1st Grade
  • School: Colegio Americano Anais
  • Home: With his parents in our affordable housing community “Vecinos”
  • Interests: Liked to be with family, playing videogames with his dad or play board games with the family, like monopoly.
  • Favorite Thing: My favorite food is grilled steak, oatmeal, and pancakes, and I like apples wrapped with a layer of tamarind. My favorite colors are gold and silver, I likes pop and hip hop music. My favorite instrument is the guitar and the piano. My favorite sport is bowling, and I like to be outside with my family during my free time.
  • When he grows up he wants to: When I am older I want to be a police officer to protect the people or a doctor to help cure them, I want to learn how to play guitar.