Agua Prieta is city of approximately 150,000 in the Sonoran Desert on the U.S.- Mexico border. This city, located 230 miles south of Phoenix, AZ, shares a port of entry with Douglas, AZ. The transitory nature of this border city has a “floating population” of up to 50,000 people.

Migrants from Mexico and other Latin American countries travel to border towns seeking greater economic opportunity and hoping for factory work or migration to the U.S. However, plants are closing down to relocate overseas, and crossing the border is ever more difficult with the border a hot political topic.

As a result, a significant percentage of the population is unemployed and confined to makeshift informal housing. Shelters are built out of wood pallets, tar paper and brick. Dirt floors, no electricity or running water, and no proper roof allow the heat of summer and the cold of winter to add to the difficult lifestyle.

Rancho Feliz has been doing work in Agua Prieta for 30 years. We have strong connections and friends in the city who have helped us build a network of opportunity to serve these desperate families.