Discover the power of purpose with an immersion in Mexico. There is no better way to discover compassion, love and our intrinsic interconnection.

Volunteer Service in Mexico

Volunteer Exchange Program

Helping the Mexican people on the border is only half our work. The other half is providing purpose to the thousands of American volunteers who have crossed the border over the years to work with us in Agua Prieta, Mexico.

These volunteers are forever changed. They return home more grateful, appreciative, and happier global citizens. This helps reweave the moral fabric of our own communities right here in America. We call it “Reciprocal Giving”. Receivers become givers and givers become receivers. Everybody wins!

Volunteers stay in our brand-new La Hacienda Feliz dormitory and enjoy the ambiance and traditional meals of México, as well as the spirit of collaboration, camaraderie and accomplishment. Trips to Agua Prieta promise to be filled with incredible experiences of cultural connection, rewarding collaboration and lots of fun.


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It costs Rancho Feliz $25,000 per year to operate the Exchange Program. If you would like to donate $500, $1,000, $5,000 or the full $25,000 please click on the donation box below and help us keep this powerful program in service.

Exchange Program Service Projects

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La Hacienda Feliz Dormitory

La Hacienda Feliz

Staying in our new dormitory in Agua Prieta, volunteers will find purpose in an intercultural experience. Through service to others, we connect the moral fabric of our two communities, making both America and Mexico greater countries together.

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Building Highly-Johansen Houses

On the 1st of January 2013, an 8-month old baby named Nikol Osuna froze to death in the barrios of Agua Prieta. This is not an uncommon event. Here temperatures range from summer highs of 115° F (46° C) to winter lows of –4° F (–20° C). In cardboard shacks with no access to electricity or insulated building materials, the poor suffer the worst.

When long-time Rancho Feliz volunteer/donor Highly Falkner heard the news, he found it unconscionable. He asked himself, “What kind of a society indulges itself in countless comforts and privileges while at the same time allowing children to freeze to death a mere four-hour drive away?” He made a pledge to end this immoral unbalance.


Building Highly Houses

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