Having worked on the border since 1987, we know something about this terrain. Rancho Feliz was founded by brothers Gil and Troy Gillenwater. It was originally formed to provide food, clothing and shelter to abandoned children along the Mexican border.

Since 1987, Rancho Feliz has raised and invested over $10 million dollars to build homes, education centers, childcare centers, orphanages, and volunteer dormitories along Arizona’s southern border. This infrastructure has provided the foundation for entire families to lift themselves from extreme poverty into the global middle class.

We have also provided over 20,000 volunteers a way to feed their souls by serving the less fortunate. Along the way we have funded over 2,000 scholarships; distributed tons of food and medical supplies; provided aid to the fragile Tarahumara tribe; and even created a dog program to help out man’s best friend in Mexico.