Ok – lessons I’ve learned while bicycling across Namibia:

1) Never, and I mean never, jump in with a group of seasoned, hard-core cyclists for the last 1,200 miles when they’re on the final stretch of their unfathomable 7,500 mile ride and expect to keep up.

2) Namibia is a friggen desert. My Garman thermometer registered 112.5 degrees mid-day. Hydrate is the mantra.

3) Most of the roads in Namibia are dirt, wash boarded, full of sand and very dusty. Momentum is a concept – not a reality.

4) People in Namibia drive very, very fast and have little, actually no, regard for cyclists so you better get the hell out of the way.

5) Namibian flies can actually keep up with you at any speedy and repeatedly attempt to nest in your nose holes.

6) You can actually bruise your bum on a bicycle. I mean black/blue bruise. (I wear 2 pair of cycling shorts – seriously.)

7) After being “in the saddle” for 8 hours you can go to bed at 6:00pm and not wake up until morning.

8) It’s possible to wash all of your riding gear in an 8 x 14 inch sink. It takes approximately 6 hours for a pair of padded cycling shorts to dry.

Yes – these first 7 days have been quite a learning experience. A little more than I bargained for perhaps. But I’m still here and I’m still pedaling.

More to come! Gil

May 5th, 2016

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